In the context of gastronomic and strategic management consulting, a profound “relationship of trust” arises.

The consultant enters into a bond with the client’s project by making the project a separate matter.
The client, however, fully supports the adviser in all decisions.
In light of this delicate balance, the consultant employs a strategic management of the client’s needs and resources by providing the former with solutions and non-final results (which, in the given case, would not be appropriate or feasible a priori).
Joint decisions as well as their implementation in the context of regular briefings and audits represent an indispensable basis for all those involved. The advisory service is subject to complete secrecy.
All company data is treated with the utmost confidentiality and is not disseminated.
This duty of confidentiality remains even after the end of the contract or
Termination of the relationship exist. The almost constant availability of the adviser is a prerequisite for the consulting service. If the adviser is unable to appear in person, he guarantees – except in the event of force majeure – the earliest possible support, at least by telephone.
Management consulting is not determined by any relationship of subordination or dependence.
The implementation of the schedule and methodology takes place at the discretion of the consultant who, based on his own assessment, determines the time and type of the respective measures. In basic resp.
sensitive situations as well as in the context of unavoidable events, may under no circumstances be dealt with to the exclusion of the client.

Professional consulting does not guarantee specific, but rather general objectives, without, however, disregarding concrete results.