About me


I have a taste for using seasonal, locally sourced products, in order to create simple recipes with five or six ingredients. I enjoy the creativity of discovering and combining elements that enhance rather than compete with the quality of my first material.

Marco Serra

I am an Italian chef of Sardenian origin and began my professional experience at the young age of 14, working in a local pastry shop while also attending a school for tourist services and obtaining various working experience in different restaurants.
My holidays were spent working as a second in a hotel kitchen in Rimini where I became head chef in three years’ time.
Having obtained extensive experience, I decided to join an internship for six months with a Michelin-star awarded restaurant in Firenze, which helped me get a greater picture of the market and taught me to think big.
At the age of 22 I opened my first restaurant in Perugia, followed by two more in Umbra. and ran those for thirteen years before deciding to try something new in Zagabria, Croatia.







I took interest in various projects, working with new restaurants as a consultant, collaborating
with the Italian Embassy in planning catering events and participing in culinary shows for the Croatian national television.

After four years, I decided to move my business interests to Vienna where I started off with two separate projects, a small grocery shop at first and then a restaurant where I also organised teaching culinary courses. Catering remained a focus for my business there, expanding my collaboration with no less than twenty different embassies.

Having stayed in Vienna for seven years, in 2020 I moved to Athens with a purpose to expand on my previous work and advance my entrepreneurial interests here.